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Just in case anyone else is still getting messages from the LJ group... I was wondering if anyone else was finding it impossible to get on Greatest Journal this morning. I've been trying for about an hour and all I get are page not found errors.
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Okay everyone!

The move is complete, from here on out please do all your postign at Greatest Journal.

The main community is "Suagr_Quill" And the OOC community is "Sugar_Quill_Ooc".

OOC has a post in it from me. Have fun!

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Please double check that you've registered the username "connor_wrrington" at Greatest Journal as I can't seem to add it to the community as it stands now.

ALSO. The following people have NOT submitted usernames for me and thus have not been added. Please register over at GJ asap and let me know what your characters username is.


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Okay so...

Oddly, I thought my AIM was fixed, and just not alot of people were online.
But after just having a chat with someone else, I'm finding out that there's actually quite a few of you around, my AIM just isn't showing people as online.

Are you all blocking your friendly Mod? ;)

Obviously something is still up with it. I'm going to try and fix it.

If there's any questions or problems or anything E-MAIL ME.
I've said this before. notte_stella@hotmail.com

Or PLEASE go to the co-mod, she'll help you out. Her AIM is "PrfSeverus".

Hopefully I'll figure out whats wrong with my AIM...



(It might be just me thinking too in depth but,)....Is it just me or is Sprout not getting enough interaction with any of the other characters/players around here? Am I not doing something that I SHOULD be doing? Not posting or participating enough? What is it? Tell me....Because I'd really like to get into this RP a lot more, & since I was invited here to take on Sprout's role, I'd hate to want to leave....But I can't help but think that I'm no longer welcomed. And now with this talk about moving to GJ, I'm not even sure if I want to continue, seeing as how I haven't had ol' Sprout do much anyway. I guess if you're desperate on having another staff member/Professor there, & someone finds some way of convincing me to stay,...I will. Otherwise,...I don't know.

Forgive me if I sound bitter. I've been like that for a while lately. Thanks for your time....

~*P♥m♥na (~*AZNWLFDLL*~)
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First of all, I'm sorry to everyone who I left so abruptly over AIM the other day. It's been...finicky and I haven't had much luck getting it to work. I'm sorting it out though.

It seems that the majority of us are all for moving to greatestjournal.com, so I think thats what we'll be doing.

For those who are more reluctant (and I DO understand...) you can join us or take this opportunity to bow out quietly...I hope you don't though. I'd miss you terribly.

Until we get settled I'm going to let up a bit on the posting rule and say just once a week is alright instead of twice. But that won't last forever and I will not hesitate to come after you if you don;t post at least once a week. (unless you inform me before hand that you can't).

I'm going to take the next couple of days to shift information over there, and if everyone could please respond to this post with their usernames (Even if they're exactly the same, I want them spelled out for me so I can cut and paste) at GJ, we'll get started!

I'm aiming to have it finished over the weekend, and I'll post in here to let everyone know when it's done.
Between now and then you can decide for yourself if you want to hold any posts your character makes until we move, or continue as normal. Up to you!

Since my AIM is wacky, if anyone needs to get in touch with me, please e-mail me at notte_stella@hotmail.com

Talk soon!
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I'm ba-ack.
I'd like to apologize for the long absence. I'll try to get caught up later this afternoon.
I'd also like to point out for general purposes that just because ron doesn't like you doesn't mean I don't *waves at Robbie, flips Draco off* If there's anyone who wants to catch me up on what's going on you know where ot find me (prfseverus) and remus darlin' love of my life, we need to do a full moon. Wanna play,w anna play wanna play!
*ahem* Yeah, I'm not eager much.
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Blaise: You hit my couch. You're a dead man.

Connor: Fine.

Blaise: Now it's no fun to kill you, ummmm...dude.

Connor: Connor.

Blaise: Blaise. Sit with me?

Connor: I'd rather fuck in the foliage.

Blaise: What the...? Ummm, why?

Connor: People are nosy. Seeya.

Blaise: Did you shag my nemesis?

Connor: No. Get your ass to the greenhouses.

If only life were so simple...

For Roger


You spoke in the language of Satan's Pineapple Butthole, which is more commonly referred to as Hawaiian.

I escape the hibiscus hell of Honolulu, and you utter those...words.

Ah, if I didn't love you...:P
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