Pansy Parkinson (pink_slytherin) wrote in sugar_quill_ooc,
Pansy Parkinson

Mmkay. Mainly for the benefit of patrick_mccully, I thought I would just explain with deal with Pansy and Draco at the moment.
Baaaasically, they have this little lust issue at the moment where they can't seem to keep their hands off each other (but no sex so far) when they are in close proximity >< (which means BAD, BAD Pansy seeing as she's got this little thing going on with Patrick). And they don't even really know why, just teenage hormones I guess.
But I can assure you, she feels very guilty whenever she does it because she really does genuinelly like Patrick. She's also having major issues about his Hufflepuffness which she also needs to sort out *sage nod*
So yes. Pansy and Draco will put a stop to this soon (even if I have to fit her with a chastity belt ;D) but I'm debating whether or not Pansy should tell Patrick... your thoughts, patrick_mccully?
But yeah, as I said before, Pansy really does like Patrick, she's just being a slag at the moment. Oi.

Char, ridiculously bored at uni as you can probably tell x

ETA: PS. Are Robbie and I the only ones who refer to their characters as actual people? Because, you know, I'm having sanity issues after reading over that post.
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