Professor Pomona Sprout (puffapod_sprout) wrote in sugar_quill_ooc,
Professor Pomona Sprout

Friends List

Sorry to make this a big deal but could people check/update their "Friends" list, please? I've added several of the other players but some of you have not defined Sprout onto your list. I just thought it'd be a little helpful for me to actually keep up with everything that's going on if I had everyone on my "Friends" list.

I know I've not had Sprout active as much as the other Professors--& I appologize for that--But like I've been saying,...I feel a little lost in everything. <=/ I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm not Sprout/Professor material like I thought I'd be. X{ Perhaps if I/Sprout had some more student or teacher interaction, I'd be a lot more active in RPing. o.O I know I could probably stick Sprout into any Open thread that's welcome for anyone, & why I have not done that yet....*shrugs*...even I'm still trying to figure out why. I guess I feel that I'd be intruding on someone's plot or something. <=S

And note to Robbie: How's Cho's account coming along? Just curious because I've not heard from you in a while & please forgive me if I'm being a nag. I understand that you've a life outside the RP & that you're quite busy, so if it is that, then by all means, just take your time.

Thanks all. ♥
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