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Sorry to leave in the middle of two conversations- Padma and Kenny- but I have to get off the computer ASAP, yikes! If lucky I'll be back tonight, but it doesn't look too hopeful at the moment. Just wanted to warn you both.

Millie/Susan (nika)
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Hey guys, Sorry I've not been around (especially to moonyremus and no_spiders). I've been having internet issues lately and it's just this morning that I've gotten it back. (stupid rogers grrrr....)

Anyway, I should be able to be here tonight some where around 9:30pm or 10:00pm EST if that works for you kids! :)
I'm Not UGLY!


I saw the thread about Prefects a while ago and the decisions weren't complete on who would be doing that for each house- only one Gryffindor was named, no Hufflepuffs (Hannah Abbott and Ernie Macmillan were in book 5 if that matters) and no one named as Head Girl or Boy. Reason I'm curious is that I was wondering if Hermione was Head Girl. Several posts have been made mentioning patrols, so am curious about who I can harass and who I might run into after curfew.
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Hola my pretties ^^ Tis Char, player of Pansy Parkinson, adopting Hermione Granger :) As you can see, our Hermione has had a bit of an ugly duckling situation going on these last couple of years, because she has since adopted the beauty of Keira Knightly. I don't live vicariously through my RPG characters, nuuu..... *whistles*

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Just a reminder to everyone to please bring plots to me first before sending them out into the game.

It's essential that I know whats going on as and before it happens so things don't collide and get messy.

I don't need to know that your character is planning on having a casual encounter with someone, or what they're going to have for breakfast, but I do need to know ALOT of whats going on, so please tell me!

Thanks so much! :)


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Hullo, all!

My name's Jake, and I'll be playing our very own Kenneth Towler. From the Lexicon, this is basically what it says:

"Got boils from Fred and George's tests during their OWL year."

So yeah, he's not supposed to be here, but our lovely mod said it was all right. I ended up changing his affiliation from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff since Robbie told me we were low on those and it would better allow him to fit into Harry's year and all. Since the Lexicon never specifically states Kenneth (or as he is most often called, Kenny or Ken) is a Gryffindor, it was easier to change and everything.

He's really good at Arithmancy and Herbology (like most Hufflepuffs), but everything else is sort of average. He does like learning new charms and spells, but sometimes forgets the ones he previously knew. Ken's a bit of a scatter-brain sometimes, but is warm at heart and likes making friends.

Plus, he's not really set on sexuality. Kenneth's never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. He's somewhere in between being driven by his hormones and trying to ignore them. Whatever happens just happens. Flirt all you like! I just can't guarantee Kenny's really gonna understand. He's terribly dense sometimes.

I look forward to playing with the lot of you!
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